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our concept


Fed provides nutritional education and resources to developing communities.  We share the principles of eating real food with real people.

Fed supports nutrient-dense, unprocessed diets based on traditional or ‘ancient’ ways of cooking and eating.  We seek to restore value to wise old ways while incorporating the best of current nutritional science.


P.S. Mankind is never separate from his environment, so Fed is also committed to ecologically sustainable, environmentally friendly practices.  Happy planet, happy people.

our food philosophy


The value placed on ‘old’ ways of eating has diminished in both urban and rural communities, and in 2-3 generations could be extinct – lost forever, unrecorded and no longer passed on by word of mouth.


Fed aims to salvage this heritage before it is too late.  We seek to understand and record the traditional diets of communities from all countries around the globe, and at the same time to educate local people about the benefits of their own dietary practices and habits.  In addition, we hope to warn about the very real dangers of highly processed diets, excessive refined grain and sugar consumption and harmful chemicals present in many packaged foods.






Our aim is to remind people of the great value inherent in their culinary heritage, the dignity of their customary eating practices and the benefits that eating well will bring to them personally and as a community.  Respect for ‘mother nature,’ learning to work with the environment and an appreciation of the flawless design that besets our natural ecosystems, are all part of this value system.  It is a message we can all benefit from.


Protection is better, cheaper and smarter than cure – and nutrition is the first line of defense.

our future


The need for nourishing, real-food based diets is global; impacting all nations and cultures.  Fed hopes to share health-full food with communities all around the world.  Our aim is to continue learning from ‘old’ traditional ways and providing ‘new’ solutions to the health and nutrition challenges affecting humanity.  Our future is a better Fed world.


We put our hearts into building a project that is authentic, inspiring and provides thought-provoking and genuinely useful service to people wanting to live healthier, better and stronger lives.

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