our story


The story of Fed happened on the road.  


After recovering from a long and difficult illness, I had the great fortune of meeting a maverick business entrepreneur who gave me the opportunity to indulge my two life passions: nutrition and travel.  On a mandate to research the nutritional lifestyles of local communities, I soon found myself on a wild global adventure.  Somewhere between exploring volcanic islands in the Philippines, running away from hippos with Masaai tribesmen in Kenya (really), backpacking across India and eating scorpions in the Central Vietnam highlands, something of an idea began to germinate.

As I spent time talking ‘food’ with the local people, and closely watching everything around me, my little seed of an idea kept quietly growing.  I became more and more fascinated by the ancient traces and traditions in local diets, but also concerned by the increasing influence of the worst of our western food staples.  Eventually the idea for Fed broke through the soil.

 Since food has played such a major role in healing my own body, I am utterly convinced of the power diet has over human health.  My travels convinced me further that every single person deserves the wellbeing that only real, wholesome food can provide.  Being ‘fed’ should not be a privilege belonging to a few.  It is the birthright of each man, woman and child.  

So that’s it in a nutshell – and why we are passionately working to build a better Fed world.

~ Jessica le Roux (Founder: Fed Nutrition)

Tuk Tuk in Delhi with Ryan le Roux